Traveling by airplane can be very stressful. Whether you need a ride to or from.


    It matters more who you marry than where and how you celebrate the event.


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    Many businesses hire Jeeves Exclusive Transportation drivers to chauffeur clients, customers.

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We base rates on the zip code of where you are traveling to and from. Please include the zip code of your Pickup Location and Drop Off Location if not an airport.

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Thank you for showing interest in being part of our company. We are always looking for hard working people with awesome work ethics that are ready to work with our team. If you are looking to become a chauffeur, there are a few guidelines that you must be aware of before you apply:

  • Valid Class C Driver’s license or better- (commercial license) with passanger endorsement
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience as employed driver
  • Be willing to provide a current 5 year DMV printout
  • Submit pre-employment drug & alcohol screening
  • Abide by dress code: dark business suit & properly groomed.
  • Mandatory NDA- Non Disclosure Agreement regarding confidentiality.
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